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Equilibrium Classic Strat Pickup

Equilibrium Classic Strat Pickup

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     The Equilibrium series is made with a blend of Alnico 5 and Alnico 2 magnets that gives a smoother, more balanced tone than traditional Strat pickups. Alnico 5 rod magnets used  under the E-A-D bass strings provide a crisp, punchy, well defined low end. The Alnico 2 magnets under G-B-e treble strings have a softer attack and warmer tone to smooth out the high end and reduce harshness associated with some single coil pickups.

     They are available in 2 versions. Classic and Modern. Both versions are built on a 70's style bobbin with gray bottom  fiberboard flatwork, smaller diameter Alnico rod magnets, and vintage style push-back cloth covered hookup wire. 

     The Classics are wound with double build heavy formvar wire giving them a fuller sound with lots of chime and sparkle. This type of wire is similar to what Fender used in their pickups in the 50's and early 60's. The Classics are brighter and a bit livelier than the Modern version. They sound great clean and with light to medium overdrive. 


 Pickup Specs:

Magnet Type = Alnico 5 / Alnico 2 hybrid
Bridge DC resistance = 6.1k
Middle DC resistance = 5.8k
Neck DC resistance = 5.5k

 Sound Samples:

5-way demo of the Equilibrium Classics starting with the neck pickup and working down through the other positions ending on the bridge pickup.


Clean mix demo showcasing rhythm and lead playing of all 3 pickups in different settings.


Dirty Mix of Equilibrium Classics. Rhythm and lead playing of all 3 pickups in different settings.


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