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     Introducing the Coalesce humbucker from Axebuilder guitars - the perfect blend of Alnico V and Ceramic magnets for a truly unique and versatile sound. This pickup is designed to deliver exceptional tone, whether you're playing clean or with overdrive or distortion.

    The Coalesce is the perfect choice for guitarists who need a pickup that can handle a wide range of styles and genres. With its unique blend of magnets, this pickup offers both low and high gain sounds that are crystal clear and well-defined. And when you roll down the volume on your guitar, the Coalesce cleans up beautifully, making it easy to go from searing lead lines to gentle, nuanced playing.

    One of the standout features of the Coalesce pickup is its exceptional clarity. The highs are bright and clear, while the low end is tight and well-defined. This makes it an ideal choice for everything from heavy metal to country, and everything in between.

    So whether you're a professional musician or a hobbyist, the Coalesce humbucker from Axebuilder Guitars is the perfect choice for your next guitar build or upgrade. With its exceptional tone and versatility, this pickup is sure to become a staple of your guitar setup for years to come.


Pickup Specs:

Magnet Type = Combination of Alnico V & Ceramic 
Bridge DC resitance = 12.7k
Neck DC resistance = 9.2k

 Sound Samples:

    High gain demo track of the Axebuilder Coalesce pickup set. Features both bridge and neck pickups. 



     Clean demo of the Coalesce bridge and neck humbucker set. Starts with the bridge position, then bridge & neck combined, then neck position. 



    Coalesce bridge pickup volume swell demo with overdrive. Starts with the guitars volume rolled back and gradually increases.




    Clean demo of the Axebuilder Coalesce pickups split to single coil. Starts with the bridge position, then bridge & neck combined, then neck position. Pickups must be ordered with a 4-conductor lead wire to get these split coil sounds.



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