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Clarity Strat Pickup

Clarity Strat Pickup

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A Fusion of Classic Sound and Modern Feel

    Experience refined Strat sparkle with Axebuilder Clarity, the epitome of classic Stratocaster sound, crafted with modern precision. Designed for the discerning musician, Clarity pickups encapsulate the best characteristics of a vintage Strat pickup, delivering a harmonious blend of rich, rounded tones, brilliantly clear highs, and a robust low end. Each note rings with a distinct sparkle and chime, reminiscent of the iconic Strat sound sought after by guitarists worldwide.

    Crafted by hand, Clarity pickups feature beveled Alnico 5 magnets set in a black fiberboard bobbin and are uniquely wound using our AXB winding pattern with heavy build Formvar wire. This wire, akin to that used in Fender's legendary pickups from the 1950s and early 1960s, not only pays homage to the golden era of guitar sound but also contributes to a rich, full tone.

    But Clarity pickups are more than just another vintage replica; they are a testament to the fusion of classic sound with our innovative design and craftsmanship. Responsive and dynamic, these pickups are engineered to enhance your playing experience, whether you're laying down rhythm tracks or ripping through solos, capturing every nuance of your style. Dive into the world of Axebuilder Clarity, and feel the difference in every strum.


 Pickup Specs:

Magnet Type = Alnico 5 
Bridge DC resistance = 6.3k
Middle DC resistance = 6.0k
Neck DC resistance = 5.9k

 Sound Samples:

Clarity 5-way demo starting with the neck pickup and working down through the other positions ending on the bridge pickup.


 Clarity demo song featuring a mix of clean rhythm with light to medium drive of all pickups and positions on a 5-way Strat.



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