Welcome to AXBlog: Behind the Tech

Welcome to AXBlog: Behind the Tech

    Aloha and welcome to the very first post on AXBlog! I’m Reid, the founder of AXB Tech and a lifelong enthusiast of music, guitars, technology, and creativity. After more than 25 years of honing my skills and knowledge working at guitar shops in Honolulu as well as building and repairing a variety of stringed instruments, I've embarked on an exciting new venture, combining my passion for lutherie with innovative technologies to create unique products that enhance the experience of playing music.

    In the AXBlog, I aim to share this journey with you, offering insights into the world of guitar making and the life of a modern day luthier. From detailed walkthroughs of intricate instrument repairs and custom builds, to sharing tips and techniques I've gathered over the years, I hope this blog will be a valued resource for guitar enthusiasts of all levels.

You can expect posts about:

  • Current Projects: Peek behind the curtain at some of the fascinating instrument repairs, custom builds, and new pickup designs I’m currently working on.

  • Luthier Tips and Techniques: Learn some of the tricks of the trade that I’ve picked up over my career.

  • Day-to-Day Life: Get a glimpse into the life of a luthier balancing business, creativity, and family.

  • Behind the Scenes: Be the first to know about new projects and products in development at AXB Tech.

  • In-Depth Product Articles: I’ll delve into the details of our existing products, going beyond what you see in the product descriptions.

  • Product and Tool Reviews: Demonstrations, tips, and reviews to help you better understand not only our products and services, but other brands as well.

  • Building My Workshop: Follow my journey in setting up the ideal space for creativity and craftsmanship.

  • Balancing Business and Parenthood: Discover how I juggle the demands of running a business with the joys and challenges of raising teenagers.

    And much more! It’s going to be a mix of professional insights, personal reflections, and a lot of guitar talk.

    Stay tuned as I plan to launch a YouTube channel soon, which will complement the blog with more visual content, from product demos to behind the scenes videos.

    So whether you're a professional guitarist, a beginner, a casual hobbyist, or an aspiring musician, I invite you to join me on this exciting journey. Your comments, questions, and feedback are not just welcome, they’re an integral part of the community I hope to build here with AXBlog.

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Reid Shigemura

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